We strive to develop better ways of doing our job, to reach the expected goals in the most efficient manner.

BLF Solutions is a growing and dynamic company with a vast experience in the outsourcing field as well as project management on-shore and off-shore.

Our intention is to become your company’s strategic partner, providing reliable solutions, adding value and quality to your business. We have a highly experienced staff in the domestic and international market, adapting to the constant changes through on-going training. We strive to improve our work by using modern technologies in order to identify the most efficient way to reach the expected goals.

  • International Logistic Services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Costs analysis
  • Execution time
  • Supplier evaluation and development
  • Project Management
  • Operational Execution
  • Reports

We offer our experience on the analysis, set up and handling of cargoes for the following industries: Manufacturing, Energy, Oil, Gas and Mining.


In the Manufacturing Industry, implementation periods are one of the main factors to consider during the analysis of an investment project. The constant changes in the industry and in the supply chain have significant influence at the time to decide the launching of a new product.
BLF Solutions has the experience to identify critical points in the analysis stage, minimizing future risks during when carrying out a project. Our management style concentrates on resource optimization, offering our customers high standards of efficiency in each project stage.


The energy industry is expected to have an increase in demand the coming years. Said increase, will have a greater focus in developing countries including renewable energies such as wind and solar.
Our staff has a solid experience in providing solutions to energy projects, those that generate using fossil fuels as well as those that use renewable energy.

Oil and Gas

Equipment transportation for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries is a significant challenge, the feasibility of the job must be supported by an experienced supplier who knows about the complexity of these kind of projects.
BLF Solutions has the capacity and know-how needed for offering solutions during all project stages through its management power, reaching the highest service standards.


An efficient and responsible exploration is the main challenge of the Mining industry, the project dimensions are huge and few people have the opportunity of knowing them.
BLF Solutions has experienced staff who understand the complexity of these types of mining projects and have the necessary management skills to execute them efficiently.

Our Experiences