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BLF Solutions is a company that offers logistics solutions ensuring high levels of quality of service. We offer our experience in the analysis, assembly and execution of cargo for the Manufacturing, Mining, Gas, Oil, and Energy industries.

Our Servicies


Countrywide road transportation services


Innovative solutions for lifting, handling and cargo positioning


We offer our vast experience in analysis, assemble and cargo execution


Secure and correct cargo packaging

Survey Reports and Insurance

Different alternatives of insurance contracting

 Logistic solutions that assure high levels of service quality

If you are facing lack of efficiency in your logistics operation, you are probably falling behind.

To be competitive, you need to reduce your costs as much as possible, maintain and improve your customer service level, avoid delays and maximize the quality of all your results.

We understand that not focusing in your core business, may affect your business results.

We offer our vast experience in the analysis, assembly and cargo execution related to the following industries: Manufacturing, Mining, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy.

The BLF Solutions difference


Experience in Outsourcing and Management

BLF Solutions is a growing and dynamic company, with a vast experience in outsourcing as well as onshore and offshore project management.


Ideas that drive results

There are no identical projects. We strive to develop better ways of doing our job seeking creative alternatives to achieve our client’s goals efficiently.


Our Reliability

We want to become your company’s strategic partner, providing reliable solutions, adding value and quality to your business.

Our Solutions

We offer our services to different industries. Our management style concentrates on resource optimisation, offering our customers high standards of efficiency in each project stage.

  • International logistics services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analisys
  • Execution time
  • Development of suppliers
  • Project management
  • Operational Execution
  • Reports

Our Experiences

Let’s plan your next project together

We want to be your company’s strategic partner, providing reliable and secure solutions, adding quality and value to your business.

What do you mean by Integral Logistics Service Provider?
BLF Solutions offers tailor-made logistics solutions for our customers. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible efficiency of the supply chain to increase profitability and reduce costs. That’s why we carry out a detailed analysis of customer needs along the whole chain.
What does Personalised Service mean?
At BLF, we believe that interpersonal relationships are key to identify logistics requirements and offer the service level expected by our customers. There will always be someone at BLF available to answer your inquiries in a direct and personal way.
Do you also offer International Logistics Services?
BLF has a highly rated network of suppliers to be able to offer nationwide domestic services. Thanks to our experienced staff, we’re also able to advise our clients on international movements.
Why should I choose BLF as an Integrated Logistics Provider?
BLF believes that one of the keys to success in developing an operation is knowing our customer’s needs and current operation. Our team has the knowledge to search for the ponderable variables and is convinced that it can improve any process to make it more effective and efficient, with the technical, technological tools and resources to carry out any project.